tiistai 9. syyskuuta 2014

Have you seen the world?

You ever been to a place where the water is so clear you can see the bottom everywhere?
Such a warm place that the temperature is +30 at night?  
Where you still drive old cars on small mountainsides?
Where they have the best icecream in the world?
I have - twice, it's really heaven on earth - Croatia/Jelsa 

And then we have the famous Paris, have you been there?
I have, with good friends of mine. 
That was really something, it was just like you've ever imagined. 
The streets, the people and just everything was so french like. No wonder!
We stayed in a small part of Paris called Montmartre.
That's where they made the short movie Amélie. Do you remember?
It was amazing to visit the café and locations from the movie.

 Paris est une belle ville <3

French people - Very friendly people, but don't try to speak english with them.
We noticed that they don't speak english well and they're not interested in trying either.
So, in the end we ended up speaking french to most of the people, terrible french.
But we got our coffee ordered and we found our way trought museums and the whole city.
I guess we did okay on the ''speaking french'' part.  We only stayed for 4 days.
And in 4 days you don't have time to see everything, mission impossible, almost...
We did have time to visit all the famous monuments and places.
So we got a great idea of the whole city, next time we'll stay longer.

If you imagined Paris as - A lot of baguettes, coffee, music, art and architecture...
You did just right.. Paris is exactly everything you ever imagined or dreamt of.
A city full of joy, so much life, it's a paradise really. 

We will meet again - Au revoir!

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